Asus m2n-sli deluxe mobo memory problem

presently running xp. system only works with 1 memory stick installed. as soon as i put another dimm in the system keeps re-booting to itself. the bios shows that it recognizes both simms. i have tried every possible memory configuration with no success. even tried 4 gig simms. bios recognized all 4 but the boot problem continued. the memory is corsair ems line which is recommended for use. any ideas. this board was previously used in another case and worked flawlessly. same mobo, same memory , same video card, etc.
why won't it work now? any ideas? want to move up to win7-64 bit but need to get this problem taken care of first.

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  1. Please remove your email, others could use it for malicious purposes - this is a public forum.

    Have you tried running the two RAM modules in the same coloured slots? I.e., both in yellow or black depending on what the motherboard tells you?
  2. tried doing all the colored options numerous times with no success. all the simms have been tested and they all work. i am going to clear the cmos and then flash the bios just in case it got corrupted somehow. will load the newest mobo drivers before i do anything else. that could be the problem. will play around with this tomorrow when i am off from work for a few days and have time.


    is there a way to erase my e-mail?
  3. Easy - click the black page with the thunder bolt through it (near the bottom of your post) which will allow you to do a quick edit.
    The white page with the pencil is regular edit which takes a longer time to load but allows more options.
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