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Alright So In my Older post i asked Toms Hardware What case to buy, full size, for my soon upgrading. I want to configure a water cooled CPU, as well as a Water cooled southbridge, in my new UD7 Im about to purchase P55 Chipset. Anyways, I need something Custom, and not over 200-300 dollars including everything.

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  1. I would not recommend water cooling unless you are doing some serious overclocking. Unless you have cash for burned out parts when the water cooling fails i wouldnt go with water a good air setup will be more reliable and less risky.
  2. I have a CM Hyper 212 Plus. I want to start with some Water Cooling i mean i just upgraded my case to a 932. I would like to try it, I want to build it from scratch, and I have no idea where to start.
  3. sorry, but whats the specific reason you want wc? if u want to do it just for the he11 of it, then dont bother. for serious ocing, yes WC will be SLIGHTLY better but a nice air cooled setup will be cheaper, more reliable, and cool alsmost as well.
  4. Depending on your skill level and the money you have to spend on a decent water setup It really isn't worth it. You will be looking at close to 300 when all set and done configuring your system. And the reliability of it sucks you will never be able to leave your computer on and go out for a few hours and not worry about it the possibility of it failing is quite high especially if you never built one before and are doing it from scratch and for what maybe a 5C to 10C drop its just not worth it. Go out get the biggest baddest best tower cooler you can find and enjoy your rig.
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