New graphics card?

My computer i freezing when i play games and I don't know what the hell the problem is.
Another thing is that it seems like the more I've played a game overall the quicker it freezes, when i re installed Xp, games didn't freeze for a really long while but after a while they started to freeze again.

I'm guessing that it is my Geforce 9600gt that's causing this since it doesn't freeze when i remove it and play with the intergraded 8200.
I've already tried to insert a new RAM, belive me i've tried all possible combinations.

I once got a strange beep code when i tried to boot the computer.

I looked the beep code up, it was 1 long and 2 short.
"Diagnosis: This is usually caused by a problem with the video card, or the memory on the video card. It can also be a motherboard issue."

I have the latest driver and the card is plugged in correctly.

Should I go out and buy a new card?
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  1. U can try on another computer first, if the problem still occur then u could blame your card... :)
  2. Yeah i sure would like to try that, but i don't have any other computer that can handle the 9600gt :(
  3. what are temps like?
  4. obsidian86 said:
    what are temps like?

    I'm not sure but not high at all, I've tried to leave the Chassi side open a few times but it made no diffrence.
    And since for example Guildwars freeze after just 30 sec i don't thinks it's a heat related problem.
  5. U can download program called GPU-Z from so u can see what are your temps.... :)
    Use that and posting again soon.. :D
  6. And one more thing is that it doesn't matter at what setting i'm playing i still freezes just as quickly.
  7. wa1 said:
    U can download program called GPU-Z from so u can see what are your temps.... :)
    Use that and posting again soon.. :D

    I did as you said, and downloaded the program.
    The fan speed was at 35% and the GPU temp was 41 C

    So i decided to really put it to the test, I started Crysis Wars and put all the settings on the highest available (Not anti aliasing) and got a suprisingly high fps.
    After some minutes of harcore explosive gaming, about the time it takes for regular Crysis to freeze ( Crysis wars is the only game that doesn't freeze for some reason)

    And the termp was at 51 C, and please corect me if i'm wrong but that's not high at all.
  8. yes, your temps are good...
    Make sure your case and the others components are clean(free from dust).
    I don't have any other way except try your card on different machine..
  9. have you run memtest86+?
  10. obsidian86 said:
    have you run memtest86+?

    Yes i have, and it came out clean :(
  11. Well anyways guys thanks for the help i appreciate it. :)
  12. hmmm all games crash right?
  13. No, let's see here.
    Guildwars freezes after 30 seconds, yeah i'm serious (it freezes before i even have a chance to log in).
    Crysis takes about 5 minutes.
    Garry's Mod never freezes.
    And Crysis Wars freezes very rarely.

    But I do see a pattern in this, I've played Guildwars alot on this computer (with the intergraded card) and Crysis too but not nearly as much, but i basically just installed Garry's Mod.
    Although i installed a Dragon Age: Origins demo and it froze the first time i started it.
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