Currently have 8600GT-looking for Another Low Power Card for Upgrade

Currently have an 8600GT. I do not play games very often other than Battlefield 2 and older games.
I have a Best Buy gift card I want to use, and the only thing I can really think of using it for is a new graphics card.
I am looking for something relatively low power as I often leave my computer running while I am at work.
What is a good "low power" card that would be an adequate upgrade to what I currently have?
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  1. Perhaps a 9600GT, which is just the next gen of your current card. Or maybe even a 9800GT which is next gen 8800GT.

    Relatively cheap and doesn't use too much power as you don't have to plug any extra power into the card. Just make sure you have the minimum power supply listed with the card.
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