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Im building a new computer and i have no idea what to do with all the wires that come in the case of the HAF 932.
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  1. Well the directions for your motherboard will tell you where most of them will go.
  2. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/274745-31-step-step-guide-building

    Give that a read.

    What cables are you wondering about specifically. I can't recall my 932 coming with much other than a box of screws and some adapters for the fans.

    Do you mean the cables that attach to the front panel? Those will all have to go on the MB which is outlined in the guide (buttons, speakers, lights, and the firewire/USB/Esata ports).
  3. these cords: Serial ATA, USB, Ac 97, Hd Audio, reset SW, +p led, -p led, HDD led, power SW, USB

    Dont know were i put them on mobo
  4. please help im almost done building my computer, i really dont want to have to send it to best buy and have them finish it, please were does each cable go?
  5. Those are front panel connectors, so you will have to refer to your motherboards manual to see where they go.
  6. +1 what anonymousdude said.

    Check the motherboard manual. Motherboard manuals typically have a diagram of the motherboard showing various connections. Some manuals might even have an explanation. Most of the front panel cables are typically plugged into connections at or near the bottom front of the motherboard with one exception. The HD audio cable is usually plugged into a connection somewhere near the bottom rear of the motherboard. I can't guarantee that because not all motherboards are identical.
  7. I had this vey same problem lol, i had to remove my motherboard to replace my CPU cooler so i pulled out all the cables that went into the motherbaord, i pulled one out and it instantly split into 6 individiual cables scared the hell out of me lol.

    If you look on your motherboard manual you will find a picture of where to put the cables, if you get them in the wrong order i dont believe you will cause any damage, just the pc wont turn on as i put them in the wrong order about 10 times lol
  8. would JAUD be were the audio goes?
  9. To be honest, you kind of chose the wrong root cause for your query. You should have posted in the motherboard section with your mobo and case and asked for help, along with a link to an online copy of your mobo's manual so we can more easily help you out.
  10. srry, my case is the HAF 932 and my motherboard is the MSI P55-GD65
  11. ive found out where all cables go, except i have not found : power SW, P+ LED, p- LED, and reset sw
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