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I planning to buy a new usb flash drive, as corsair dont have any info on the speed and kingston only information about 16gb and above that.
As i need to know what they write and read is before i consider them. and if anyone have done a test of them that will be great too :)

These are what i am looking for.
Kingston G3 8gb
Kingston G3 16Gb
Corsair voyage 8gb
Adata C805 8gb
Adata C905 8Gb
Adata C906 8gb
Adata C008 8Gb

hope you can guide me.
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  1. All of the USB 2.0 flash drives have similar speeds. And the product is mature enough that they are pretty much generic. Better to go with form factor and accessory software (encryption, for example).

    I have about a dozen of the little things for different purposes. And I have never considered r/w speed in my purchasing decision.
  2. For what it's worth, I have had good luck with the SanDisk Cruzer Blade line. Very small, and reasonably fast compared to most others I have tried. I have used them both for Windows Ready Boost and general file transfer purposes. They also come with data encryption software if that is a concern. Note: The software is preloaded on the drive so if you plan to use it, do so before reformatting the drive.
  3. these are what available in the market easily and with warranty. SanDisk isnt here yet and if they is than maybe i havnt found them.

    So help me from these.
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