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If I buy 1920x1080 monitor and make custom resolution like 1440 x 1080 (4:3) and play 3d game, will it make black bars both side? or stretch all side?

I tried NVIDIA geforce 7,and set to 'Do not scale' but it stretched all area of monitor. So I use powerstrip, but powerstrip don't support geforce 8, 9, etc. Currently my monitor is square like 1280x1024. I made 1280x960 for non-wide 3d games. I ask this question for new PC and monitor.
Does ATI card work?
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  1. Why would you do that? Choose a resolution that has the same aspect ratio like 1440x810, that will actually scale properly and not risk distorting the image too badly, it will already be a bit distorted from not running at the native resolution. Dont try to find a work-around when just sticking with the appropriate aspect ratio solves the issue.
  2. You can control weither stretches or blacks out the sides. I've done it before I had a high end computer in order to make Crysis more playable at high settings.

    Don't ask me how, but it was in the Nvidia control panel (I was using Nvidia at the time). I also recall seeing the setting in CCC for ATI as well.
  3. Why?
  4. Why not just pick 1920 x 1080 ? .... 1600 x 900 .... 1400 x 810 .... 1280 x 720
  5. I'll tell you why I did. High settings with my old computer gave me too low of FPS on Crysis. If I dropped the resolution to 1600x900, it it looked horrible, as some pixels get doubled up, while others were single. Essentially, if you aren't running native resolution, it looks like crap.

    It's like my HD TV stations. TNT and TBS does this a lot. If a show is not HD, they stretch it acrossed the screen and it looks horrible. It looks a ton better when they just give you black sides.

    So I set the monitor settings so that it doesn't stretch the image if I use smaller resolutions than the screen is designed for. The monitor would just black out the edges if I set the resolution down, so it only happened on Crysis or any game I desired to lower the resolution on.

    I do not have a need to do this now, as I have an i7 920 with a 5870, but I have done this in the past.
  6. Use windowed mode then.
  7. sabot00 said:
    Use windowed mode then.

    Windowed mode has a higher FPS hit than fullscreen. Besides, I'd rather see black than my desktop on the edges of the game.
  8. I don't notice an FPS hit playing Crysis in windowed mode.
  9. Good for you. I used to lose about 5 fps, and when you are on the edge of playable frames, which is the whole reason you are shrinking the display a little, every frame matters.

    One of these days I might learn to type.
  10. Other resolutions are not 4:3. 1920x1080's best 4:3 is 1440x1080.
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