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i have 1 problem i have p4 with Aopen MX4sgi-n Mother board i was using 512 mb of ram 2x 256

i was working fine now i try to update my ram i buy infineon HYS72D128521GR-7-B 128Mx72 SDRAM

pc 2100R-20330-N 1024MB DDR 266 CL2 ECC Reg

when i plug this ram first time in my pc then it boot up but error shows on windows start up that file is missing repair windows then i took off and put again my old rams it works fine now i plug again this 1GB ram then it is not booting up only long beeps at start up no display when i put my old rams my pc works fine but when i put this 1GB ram it is not working i tried this 1gb ram in my friend computer it work fine but not in my pc

what is the actual problem with my pc ?

help me plz

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  1. Most boards do not require ecc ram, which is used more in server boards. Yours may not like it, or the 1 gig factor; some older boards only recognize up to 512mb per ram slot. You need to check your board specs carefully before ordering ram.
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