New Video Card long wait for POST

AMD Athlon 64 AM2 X2 4600+
Asus M2N4-Sli
RAM: 2X2GB Mushkin, & 2X1GB OCZ = 6GB
OCZ Game Xstream 600w SLi PSU
Ati Sapphire HD 5770 1GB
Old Video Card: NVidia 8800GTS 640MB
HDD: SATA connected WD 320GB
OS: Windows 7 64bit RC 7100

My system takes a long time, between 15-20 secs, to POST versus the 2-3secs before.

I had a 8800 GTS 640MB that I believed to have failed. It crashed the computer twice, and then I got vertical lines on my screen before she wouldn't display anything at all ever again.

So I went and got a 5770 1GB and now I have got these long wait times for the POST.

I've uninstalled the NVidia drivers before I installed the ATI Catalyst drivers. In a cold restart and a hot restart the delay is the same. I thought maybe the CMOS needed to be cleared but that didn't solve the problem.

Since then I've removed everything. I started with the HDDs and the DVD Drives, still happened. The RAM went next, I took out 3 leaving one stick in then took all the RAM out after that didn't fix it. I got the proper POST beeps when I did this but the delay is still there. But after removing the video card so there is only the CPU in, the POST response was back to 2-3secs, with beep code of course.

How do I fix this delay or is it something build into new video cards? Or is it not the video card at all?

I should mention that once the computer has booted everything seems to run fine.
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  1. Did you use driver sweeper to clear out all traces of your nvidia drivers? The other thing to look for is if you have physx drivers installed.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Bad news though.

    I downloaded and ran that driver sweeper. It found some remaining files and then "cleaned" them up. But alas the delay to POST is still there.
    I have noticed something else as well now. The video cards fan seems to spin up then down about 15 times before it POSTs.
  3. I did an upgrade for my son the other day from 9600gso to HD4890 and had a boot delay and when I went into add/remove programs I found the phycx driver from nvidia installed. I removed it since it did not go with the graphics card when I uninstalled it and since then no problems.
  4. Sorry this has taken so long to reply back.
    I thought you might be right so I unplug my current HDD, and plugged in a new 1TD I was planning to install a new fresh windows on anyways. I thought it would fix the problem but it didn't. Can drivers be on other things besides HDDs?
  5. Do you have your start up set so you can see the BIOS post on start up? Then you should be able to see what the hold up is. Drivers are always on the HDD.
  6. I had to hook it up to a CRT, stupid LCD sleep mode, but the Asus splash screen doesn't show up till AFTER the long delay. And I can't get it to display the boot check list that I remember from my last system 3yrs back. But that would appear after the Mobo splash screen, right?
    I have also just found an update for the BIOS to 1002, seeing has I was using the stock one, and flashed it. No change :(
    Oh and thank you for continuing to help me!
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    If I remember correctly you have a setting in bios that either sets the ASUS splash screen or all the post messages.
  8. I found it, disable Full Screen LOGO. Anyways after the delay it does it's normal memory scan and it says everything is okay.
    While searching google for similar problems I found this thread and it seems I'm not the only person with this problem. It seems I just have to wait for a new BIOS.
    Thanks again rolli59 for your continued help. I'll give you a best answer for your troubles.
    And anyone reading this with similar problems I recommend checking out the other thread.
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