missing category in win 98SE

I am missing the category of Sound, video, and game controllers in the Creative misc devices on my pc. How can I get this category back in the device manager. I cannot get my pc to recognize the joystick.
I have Windows 98SE

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  1. Reinstall the sound card. Then be sure and choose to use the Creative game port, instead of the standard game port, if the controller is plugged directly into the jack on the sound card.

    Windows doesn't display a device category until it actually detects a device for that particular category.

    If the sound card is integrated, check that it is enabled in the BIOS. If it is enabled, and you still don't see it in the Device Manager, try installing the latest drivers for the component from the manufacturer's website.


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  2. Thx U for your reply, the reason that this was not working is that I did not have the latest controller. I went to the sidewinder site ( joystick ) and got the controller. For some reason, the creative labs soundblaster cd did not install this. Phooyey on Creative......LOL

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