Westell 7500 Port Forwarding Not Working

I have a Westell 7500 A90-750115-07. My ISP is Verizon. I have DSL.

I have a desktop with Windows XP Pro. I have a laptop with Windows Vista Home.

I'm trying to open ports for various uses - e-mail, game hosting, etc., and I have been using http://www.canyouseeme.org and http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ to check my ports.

I've used routers in the past, I've set up port forwarding successfully many times, but no matter what I do with this router, I cannot get ANY port to open.

I tried calling Verizon. They told me that port forwarding was "unsupported" and that I should contact Westell. They gave me a number to call. I called it. Westell's automated response? "Contact your ISP."

I thought perhaps I should update the firmware on the router. Unfortunately, the automatic updating option doesn't even work. I went to the Westell site to look for upgrates, and they're in tar.gz files. Sure, I can open those files with 7zip, but what on earth I'm supposed to do with the contents, I have no idea. The router asks for a local file with the .upd extension, but the tar.gz file contains no such file. What's more, the contents of the file look like something that you're supposed to compile using Linux, which I as a Windows user know f-all about.

The worst part is that I've had this router for almost a year and I'm pretty sure that I had successfully opened ports on it before. I know I had them programmed into it, but recently I discovered that none of those ports seemed to be open any longer, and I reset the whole thing.

Someone, please help me.
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  1. I know this is really old, but I thought I'd share my two cents. I have a Westell 7500 and I'm having the same problems. It appears there is a javascript error that causes the port forward page to not load 98.9% of the time. It does, however, work if you keep trying over and over and over....eventually. Being frustrated in regards to this issue, I did download & compile the newer firmware from westell.com. Compiling the source code was a painstaking process. There were numerous dependencies that weren't working properly, and I even had to make slight modifications to some of the code. After a long night, I finally got a compiled .upg file.....which bricked my modem. In the end, I was tired and had a useless modem. I exchanged my modem for another 7500 from my ISP, and now have the same exact problem. I have just purchased an older WRT54G on ebay and plan on bridging the modem thereby disabling the router portion of it.
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