Dell M6500 + eSATA drive = doesnt work, holding on STARTING WINDOWS

Hello! I have DELL M6500. Since 2 days I'm trying to install Windows 7 on the eSATA drive with this computer. Please, don't ask why oon external. It's simple - I have to do it.
I can install OS through USB by the script from internet and booting from USB is working.but speed is not enough.
When I'm doing installation from CD or PRE through another computer, after copying files, reboot and computer is holding on setup STARTING WINDOWS, not even show up Windows colors explode and nothing's happening.
What can be problem? Can i solve this?

I used RMPrepUSB to make this disk to boot from USB - NTFS + hide partition. Can this be problem?
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  1. Hi mariaczi, WHY are you trying to install onto external hdd and not internal hdd? From your post I ASSUME that you can enter bios on laptop to select boot from usb/external drive, so don't understand why you would not select internal hdd.

    Really mariaczi, if you want help you must treat us like human beings and not tell us to ask the obviously most pertinent question : why install to external and not internal hdd?

    Would like to try to help but your attitude is all wrong.
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