Low fps for ages, then improves...?????

Whenever I play any game at all on my computer, the frame rate is extremely low to begin with (ie. 10 fps and below), then after a varying length of time, up to 5/10 mins, it increases to about 20/30 fps. I have tried messing with settings ingame to make it run faster, but all it does is increase the speed after the increase.

My specs are:

Asrock K7VM2 M/B
2 GB ddr pc2100 RAM
Nvidia Geforce 6200 128 MB
AMD Athlon 2200 @ 1.799 GHz

Feel free to ask for any other information if required :D
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  1. Well, an 6200 with 128MB (probably 6200LE) simply put, sucks.

    This is pretty important, WHAT GAME?

    I'm guessing the game uses the CPU/GPU to prerender lighting (ie, not dynamic lighting) or calculate AI/ToD for the first 5-10 min, then after it's done it goes faster.
  2. Quote:
    Well, an 6200 with 128MB (probably 6200LE) simply put, sucks.
    lol :D

    yeah, I know its pretty rubbish, but it's the best that I've been able to scrounge off friends etc :whistle:

    Anyway, it happens in GTA: San Andreas and Counter-strike source (again, old games xD)

    If it is that the game uses the CPU/GPU to prerender lighting, then can it be changed to use dynamic lighting or am i screwed? :o

    thanks :D
  3. Dynamic lighting isn't supported in those engines.
  4. so is there anything that I can do? :pfff:

    if not, are there any upgrades that I can get which might make it less noticeable? (i'm only running AGP 4x........ :sweat: )

    thanks :D
  5. Nothing really short of a new computer.
    Maybe a 3450/3470/4350?
  6. thanks a lot :D

    tbh my computer is just a pile of stuff that nobody else wanted xD
  7. you sure you dont want to build a new rig?

    even a $200 pc would be worlds apart compared from your current system.
  8. I've been considering it for a while now,but my problem is that I have a load of programs that would be non-transferrable... and my HDDs are 133 ATA, so theyre slow... do you know if it's possible to image an entire HDD so that everything is transferred with no problems?

    thanks :D
  9. It would transfer the OS as well, because they are installed into Windows.
    Norton Ghost or similar software could.

    It would be impossible because you would most likely need to reinstall the OS when you get a new chipset/mobo.
  10. He's only playing GTA: San Andreas and Counter-strike source, so a 3450 would still be a huge leap from a 6200LE, his CPU would still hold him back though, not to mention RAM wouldn't be so hot either.
  11. i've looked at the 3450, it seems pretty good except for it's PCI-E.........

    my mobo has an AGP 4x (yes.. they still exist xD ) so that kinda limits me.... any suggestions?
  12. Quote:
    i've looked at the 3450, it seems pretty good except for it's PCI-E.........

    sorry, I looked at the link posted earlier and it is available in agp :D the ati website was the site that told me it was only pci-e xD
  13. I was searching and I found this http://www.misco.co.uk/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=389415&CatId=0

    it's a Sapphire Radeon HD4650 1GB ... I would guess that it would be a massive step up from my 6200LE given it has 8x the amount of onboard RAM, and its clock speed is higher than the 6200's
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