Do i need a after market cpu cooler when i'm not overclocking?

need advice if i need an after market cpu cooler for an upgrade to a ivy bridge cpu i5 intel 3450? i will not be overclocking with it, and it goes with a h77 mobo an asus P8h77-m LE.. thanks in advance
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  1. No, without overclocking, you will be fine with the stock HSF.
  2. no, though it doesn't hurt to lessen the stress on the CPU with one. it doesn't have to be now. get one at a more convenient time whenever you feel like it.
  3. sometimes the Hyper 212+ goes on sale for $15 dollars AR at Newegg, sometimes amazon has decent prices too.

    I recommend the 212+
  4. The stock cooler will be fine. If you want a cooler definitely get the Hyper 212 Plus. The price/performance is amazing.
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