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I have some large excel files with 65,000 rows that are 100MB and have many equations. It took my old computer over a minute to open and save the spreadsheet. I got a new Gateway DX4831-01E (6GB memory, Intel i3-530 processor) but it still takes about 15 seconds to open the spreadsheet in excel 2003.

But my new computer has a 60 day trial version of excel 2007. I opened the same spreadsheet in excel 2007 and it opens in 2 seconds. Is excel 2007 much faster in opening and saving files?

I also noticed that excel 2003 asks if I want to update links but I do not think there any any links to another spreadsheet although I may have had links at one time. When I open it in excel 2007 it does not ask if I want to update links which I think is correct.

Is there a way to easily check if there are any links in my spreadsheet?
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  1. Excel 2007 has support for much bigger spreadsheets than 2003, and yes, it is more efficient at handling them.
  2. edit> links (at the bottom of the menu options) will show you all of the links.
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