Amd 955 c3 worth extra money over non c3 rev?

Is the c3 revision of the amd 955 worth the extra cash?
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  2. Ohh really. I wish I could order from Newegg, but their shipping rates to my place is ridiculously high. I'm getting mines from Amazon (super saver shipping ftw!), which is about $18.00 difference.
  3. Are you aiming for a 4.0Ghz overclock? If so than I would grab the C3 as it is more likely to reach 4.0Ghz stable, a C2 should do 3.8 and possibly 4.0Ghz any ways.
  4. I looked it up: $161 for the C2 and $179 for a C3. :pfff: . I guess you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Are there any other places you can buy from? If not, I guess i would just bite the bullet an pay for the C3 since it runs a little cooler, overclocks a little better and they fixed some of the memory controller issues. Looking on the bright side, even at $178 it's still at least $25 cheaper than the C2 965s at Newegg or Amazon.
  5. Hi Logan,

    You guessed correct! Newegg needs to get in on whatever Amazon is doing to get those free shippings to Hawaii.

    Anhyhow, I ended up ordering the c3 from newegg under a mobo + cpu + free game combo. Removed the mobo/cpu from Amazon and the grand total actually ended up less than if I had ordered everything from Amazon :sol: Plus I get a free fps game! Thanks all for the info! I don't think I would've done it without this thread!
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