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I have additional information to my request for help yesterday. The additional info. is that I can print from Wordpad, excel, photoshop, powerpoint, and every other program that I have with the exception of ms Word. I did a system restore to a week earlier when Word was working and it did not help. Word still gets the same error.

I now have better control of my emotions caused by this aggravating problem, and I am now OPEN to suggestions for a fix.


(first post. cleaned up a little.)
I am running xp pro, office 97. Winword fails to print with error "windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup. I have reinstalled printers, reinstalled office. All my programs even those in office (except for word) print normally. SO? Anyone have any ideas? I have done all the obvious things, test page prints okay, reinstalled drivers, reinstalled MS Office.
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  1. What security programs are running?
    Turn them all off, and then try printing...
  2. soundguruman

    Thanks, I did try that no help. I am running Comodo and it has been working in the past with that and I have not messed with the settings.

    I ran system file checker also and it did clean up some other minor issues that I had with logon on power up that I had but it didn't fix the Word printer issue.

    So, I am still stuck with not being able to print from Word and I really, really need it to work as you might imagine.

    Any other suggestions are welcome.


    soundguruman said:
    What security programs are running?
    Turn them all off, and then try printing...
  3. I found "A" solution to my problem with "MS Word will not print"

    I deleted ALL PRINTERS from my system.
    I deleted ALL PRINTER PORTS from my system
    I ran a register cleaner by the name of "JETCLEAN"
  4. I then rebooted my system and disconnected from the internet
    I then ran "jetclean" again and rebooted my system again
    I then removed MS Office from my system and ran "jetclean" again
    I then rebooted the system and checked the printer ports XP Pro had reinstalled the printer ports for me
    I then reinstalled all my printers.
    I then reinstalled MS Office 97
    I then checked with wordpad and the printers worked
    I then checked with MS Word and the printers all worked.

    So let me sing the praises of "JETCLEAN" which you can download from "" for free.

    Thanks to all of you that tried to help me due to your help My system is now better than it was before even though it was my own work that
    solved the problem of word not printing.
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