XFX x58i won't boot

I just bought the x58i in November and it was working fine up until yesterday. Today when I came home from work, my machine won't even boot up. Usually as its booting the LED display will show different codes but now it just lights up and doesn't do anything. It's always stuck on 88. I removed all of the RAM which should give some error but nothing happens. Reset the CMOS and nothing happens. Is my mother board toast?
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  1. Depends. Was the pc on before you came home? Is it hooked up to a power surge suppressor/UPS? Did you flash bios the night before?

    Try clearing cmos for 1 hour. You got nothing to lose. Unplug the power cord. Then try each ram stick in each ram slot until you get POST. Load bios default, shut down, unplug power, install other ram sticks.
  2. how many beeps it makes....check the led number with the manufacturer. ....they will know the exact problem....
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