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I just recently picked up a XFX Radeon HD 4890 along with a CPU (AMD Phenom II X4 925 Processor 2.8GHz) and a new Mobo (MB ECS GF8200A) and everything seems to run fine on desktop and in other games but when I play Modern Warfare 2 I get a lot of slowdowns and crashes.

The slowdowns seem to be caused by certain objects in-game. When I am not looking at them I will get my normal 80fps but when i face them it goes down to 1/2 a fps...even sometimes the object will come across as a black square. I notice my gpu fan goes 100% and my gpu load is at 100% aswell, reaching 72C.

The crashes come with a Directx 9 error. These usually happen when loading maps, none in particular.

Im running Vista Business 32bit and have tried Driver Sweeper, reinstalling both the game and drivers, and nothing.

Yea I'm just annoyed because this for me was a larger investment computer-wise for me.

Any suggestions would be super awesome.

Thanks community

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  1. Does this happen in other games as well?
  2. Is the game corrupt? My friend corrupted Crysis Maximum Edition on Steam, and when trying to install Bioshock on his PC it also corrupted.
  3. no games good since i can play it fine but its just certain objects thats all, and other games its fine
  4. Certain objects are corrupt.
  5. how would i fix it, reinstsall didnt work
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