OpenVPN, Same Account on two Lan Connected PCs

Hey Everyone, I am using a VPN client i.e OPEN VPN. The Server i connect to needs a user and password.
When I Connect to one pc it works on that, but when i login through the 2nd one, the 1st one times out.
Both Computers Are Connected Through One Router = 1 on usb port, 2nd on lan.

Is there anyway i can make both work:?
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  1. The reason why you cannot connect is because OpenVPN has a setting called "duplicate-cn", which in your case is disabled. This means that at a certain moment in time only one user with the specific CN (common name - security sertificate related) can be connected to the VPN.

    In order to resolve this issue, either you change the server settings to allow duplicate-cn, or second option would be to use one of the Computers to connect to the VPN and at the same time to act as a gateway for the second one.
    Depending what type of traffic that you perform, this can be easier or harder to achieve.

    If you're interested only in Web browsing, FTP or even mail, you should install a proxy server on the Gateway PC. AnalogX Proxy is an easy to configure peace of software that you can try.

    But if you need more than Web, things will get a little bit more complicated
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