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$2000 Video Editing Computer Advice

Last response: in Systems
January 6, 2010 12:18:33 AM

Hey Everyone,

I am looking at building a Strong Video editing PC to run the Whole Adobe Professional CS4 Collection (Premiere Pro, Soundbooth ect.)

I was wondering what your guy's input was for the system.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: A Week or Two Budget of $2000 Tax and Shipping Excluded



PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Microcenter because it is local and no shipping, but if necesssary, I can order off Newegg. I will be using the Microcenter in the Twin Cities/St. Louis Park

PARTS PREFERENCES: Looking to go with the i7 processors, Not quite sure how important video cards are in Video Editing so maybe a Nvidia GTS 250 or something. I like the Antec Cases for their cooling.

OVERCLOCKING: Most likely won't be over clocking But if necessary, I can. Based of the Video card decision SLI is a possibility, From what I have read/heard, it isn't necessary.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: going with a new Monitor, Looking at getting two Samsung 2343BWX 23" Widescreen LCDs They have a 2048 x 1152 maximum resolution

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Needs to stay Cool(gimme), Noise isn't really a huge issue, But quiet is nice(quieter PSU such as the StealthXtreme)

Depending on the Processor, 8 or 12g of RAM

At least 1TB hard drive

Thank you SO MUCH, You guys Rock!
January 6, 2010 12:57:52 AM

Case / PSU - With SLI a possibility, would recommend Antec 1200 / CP-850 PSU ($300)

MoBo - ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 ($280)

CPU - i7 - 920 ($289)

Memory - DDR1600 Lowest CAS # that fits ya budget ($180)
CAS 6 - Mushkin Enhanced Redline 6GB 6-7-6-18
CAS 7 - OCZ Platinum 6GB 7-7-7-24 (3 x 2GB)

Monitor - ASUS VH242H Black 23.6" ($200)

Vid Cards - Plug ya budget into list below (I'll use $135 for budget as you mentioned the 250):,24...

Here's the "winners" from THG's latest (December) GFX Roundup
Best Graphics Cards For The Money: December '09

$50 - HD 4650
$65 - HD 4670 / 9600 GSO
$85 - 9600 GT
$95 - 9600 GT / HD 4830
$110 - GTS 250 512 MB
$120 - GTS 250 1 GB
$155 - HD 5770 / GTX 260
$200 - HD 4890
$240 - 2 x GTS 250
$310 - No winner (HD 5850 Honorable Mention)
$330 - 2 x GTX 260 / 2 x HD 5770
$400 - 2 x HD 4890
$410 - No winner (HD 5870 Honorable Mention)
$465 - No winner (GTX 295 Honorable Mention)
$625 - No winner (HD 5970 Honorable Mention)

Hard Drive - Any 500 GB per platter Drive. Check the THG performance charts to see what performs best under your usage patterns. Spinpoint F3 1 TB or Seagate 7200.12 ($80)

Optical Drive - PLEXTOR Model PX-B320SA ($134)

Heatsink - For no OC, stock cooler .... for extreme OC Prolimatech Megahalems w/ IC Diamond 7 Karat TIM, two fans and PWM cable splitter ($100)

January 6, 2010 1:16:14 AM

So Is SLI really beneficial for Video Editing?

Also, is going for 12g of Ram Recommended? I know the board can hold it.

Thanks so much for the Build
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January 6, 2010 6:26:20 PM

the bru crew said:
So Is SLI really beneficial for Video Editing?

Also, is going for 12g of Ram Recommended? I know the board can hold it.

Thanks so much for the Build

Zip, Zero, Nadda, No Way, No How...

Also, a few thoughts...

Go with 12g if the budget allows...CS4 will like the breathing room

Is this rig going to be used for professional video editing or prosumer level? The reason I ask is because you really need to read up on CS4 and understand the hard drive/storage requirements to make it run efficiently.

Putting the system software onto a SSD wouldn't be a bad idea given your budget range.

Also, if the budget allows, you may want to look into a workstation type of a build...

Update11-119-160 COOLER MASTER HAF 932 RC-932-KKN1-GP Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail
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Update13-131-373 ASUS Z8PE-D12(ASMB4-IKVM) Dual LGA 1366 Intel 5520 Tylersburg SSI EEB 3.61 Dual Intel Xeon 5500 Series w/ Remote Management ... - Retail
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Update14-130-514 EVGA 01G-P3-1158-TR GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - Retail
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Item #:N82E16814130514
Return Policy:VGA Replacement Only Return Policy
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Mail in Rebate14-130-514

$154.99 $154.99
. .
Update17-139-007 CORSAIR CMPSU-1000HX 1000W ATX12V 2.2 / EPS12V 2.91 SLI Ready CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Compatible ... - Retail
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ETA: 1/18/2010 12:00:00 AM
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Update20-226-066 Mushkin Enhanced Proline 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) ECC Server Memory Model 998699 - Retail
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Update22-148-433 Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST31000528AS 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
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Update27-136-144 LG 22X DVD±R DVD Burner Black IDE Model GH22NP20 - OEM
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Update29-102-003 Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card - OEM
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$34.99 -$5.00 Instant $29.99

Subtotal: $2,159.86

The budget is about $160 over what you wanted to pay (+/- tax), but for video editing, on a professional level (if it's professional level) the stability of a workstation system would be benificial. And yes, I know I did not include a SSD in the workstation setup...that would add another ~$200 for a decent 128 GB system SSD.

If your in the prosumer range of video editing, then #1 CS4 really seems like overkill, but to each his own... #2. A rig like Jack suggested is more your speed.

Just make sure you read and understand the value of the storage system of CS4
January 7, 2010 1:14:00 AM

So you would suggest getting a SSD? I would only need like what 60g? or even 30? It must be a DRAM based Drive because Adobe's Computer specs for the program require:

16.3GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on flash-based storage devices)

Also, Is a blu-ray disk drive read/write drive suggested? Or should I wait for more support for it?

Isn't the i7 A Better choice because of its Hyperthreading?
January 7, 2010 1:50:51 AM

And Windows 7 I Assume?
January 8, 2010 2:37:45 AM

Looking at Going with

Samsung Electronics 2343BWX 23" Widescreen LCD
2 Monitors

Intel Corporation Core i7 920 Processor Boxed

OCZ Technology Fatal1ty Series 700 Watt ATX Power Supply

OCZ Technology Gold XTC 6GB DDR3-1600 (PC3-12800) CL8 Memory Kit (Three 2GB Memory Modules)
2 Pairs

Seagate Technology Barracuda 1TB 7,200RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive
3 of em

EVGA GeForce GTS 250 1024 MB GDDR3 PCIe 2.0 x16 Graphics Card

Cooler Master HAF 922M (HAF Mini) ATX Case

Microsoft OEM Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OEM

I/O Magic 22X Internal DVD/CD Writer
2 of them

And Feedback, Tips Suggestions, anything would be helpful, thanks!