New build assy - ocz Agility form factor question

I am working on assembling my first build for a Christmas present and would appreciate some help on this issue.

Building on an ATX case (CoolerMaster HAF922) and ordered & received a 2.5" form factor ssd (OCZ Agility 120 GB, SATA3).

Why in the world I didn't catch the 2.5" form factor I don't know so I have it in my hot little hands.

My question: Should I try to return the ssd to newegg for a 3.5" form factor or should I try to find a way to make the 2.5" ff work out?

Thanks for helping an older aged newbie who needs damn reading glasses to read instructions now, which are not worth much to begin with sometimes.

Of course I have other issues on the assy effort but they belong in a different category.

Thanks and happy holidays from Austin, Texas.

In Progress:
Intel i5 2300K 3.3
Saphire Radeon 6950
GigaByte UD3H-B3-Z68
Corsair TX750M
GSKill Ripsaw 8 gb 10666
Lite-On BD combo
CoolerMaster HAF
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