Why wont my monitor work with graphics card

I bought a new ati radeon hd 3650 and have done everything to try and get it to work with my monitior. I upgraded the power supply and it is hooked to the card, i updated my bios and chip set, i uninstalled all my other graphics cards drivers and disabled it. when i have my new card pluged in the monitior will not work, but will work with my old one. right now the computer is running on a vga save and i cannot disable the onboard graphics and dont know if i want to in case this does not work help please.
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  1. There is a possibility that you have a dead card.
  2. To be sure, after powering the computer on, remove the cable connecting the video card to the monitor from the Radeon 3650 to your IGP.

    If it does cause the monitor to "work" this means the active video card is your IGP and not your Radeon 3650. You will need to reconfigure your BIOS or reseat the card.
  3. well i have reseated the card many many times and nothing good has become of it, and i dont know what you mean by the IGP. There is not a setting in my bios to disable the internal graphics it only has an auto or a AGP.
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