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I would like to use a single Win7 box (probably yet to be built) for security technology and other work. I am thinking to use SSD boot drive and SATA data drive for main work. Other work, however, might open me to more exposure to malware than I would like. I understand that a BIOS these days can generally disable disks. In that case, I am considering duplicating both drives and enabling the alternate set (instead of main set) when doing risky work. O/S on both sets would be cloned with same SID. I would hope to be able to use the single licensed O/S. Is this possible/practical/insane? Or, other ideas?
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  2. You could use the "BIOS profiles" (Under Tools Tab in BIOS on Asus enthusiast boards) feature of the BIOS to switch between enabled sets of boot / hard drives.
  3. Thanks - So this sounds practical, I gather. What about the O/S? I do not know whether (potentially) different embedded serial numbers in even very similar disk sets will cause the O/S to balk? If I need separate O/Ses I might as well waste the space on another PC, though not my preference.
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