8GB RAM on my GA-EP35 DS-4

Hi !

Actually i like to upgrade my ram because music composition softwares is so in demands for loads of RAM so 2x4Gb should be ok ... I read i my MB manual that the GA EP35 DS4 can manage ddr2 with 1600 Mhz speed so i think the PC is something like 13500 , tell me please if im wrong...

I like to ask if it"s better to buy 2 ram sticks of 4 GB who's already tune at 1600MHz or is it more clever to buy only 1333Mhz who is less expensive an OC it to 1600Mkz ???

did somebody have a good set for me (i like to have a good quality and at the same time something cheep enough)

what kind of things can i have forget ?? , ... >>> that can be important for serious music producing with soft that load gigaz of RAM and so on in win 7 x64


thanks for reading,
im not native english american so excuse my poor syntax ....
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  1. Well firstly... what RAM is in it now? Are you planning to keep it, or buy all new ram?

    Secondly, the speed of the RAM isn't going to make a difference in real world.... you're slightly off base on the ram speeds. DDR3 is 1600 or 1333... you're motherboard uses DDR2 (typically 800) - you cannot use DDR3 in your motherboard, as they are physically different and will not fit.

  2. No reason to ever go above 1066 with DDR2 - it's rare and costly even at 1200! The only reason you need faster than 800, is if your machine & CPU are overclocked to beyond a 400 base clock (1600 FSB), as the lowest memory multiplier on the 775 socket memory controllers is two, so if you get significantly above 400, you will wind up with the RAM at above the 'standard' 800, which will take some 1066. However, 1066 ÷ 2 (again, the minimum multipler) = 533, and you aren't ever going to get the base clock working that high on any 775 CPU, short of, maybe, liquid nitrogen cooling!!!

    The clock speed for RAM doesn't have a significant effect on system performance, in general. If you'd like to understand it all, try a pass through Memory - more than you wanted to know!
  3. thank you very much guyz :-))
    this forum is cool
  4. ah by the way is it still better to put 2 sticks of 4 Gb (like with some 2 Gb RAM) or 4 sticks of 2 Gb? I have actually 4x1 Gb (800 MHz) ddr2
  5. Two sticks of 2G will be easier to get working - the 'stock' timings in the SPDs on the RAM are typically set up for one DIMM per RAM channel... On 775's, you typically need to bump the MCH voltage a tenth, run a two command rate, and increase the tRFC timings about 10-15%.
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