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Hey guys, I was hoping you could help.

I'm planning on buying a 5770 card, but I can't decide which. The ones I have had my eye on recently have been the XFX and Sapphire versions. My motherboard supports PCI-E 2.0 and I know the XFX card is PCI-E 2.0 compatable, but I have seen mixed reports on the Sapphire. Some say it's PCI-E 2.1 and some say it's 2.0. Anyone know which? I was also planning on getting a blu-ray drive, so which would be best for that? And overall, which is best for price and performance? Thanks in advance,

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  1. It doesn't matter which, all PCI-E slots are backward compatible.
    I would get the cheaper one.
  2. agree with sabot, any graphic cards are backward compatible with your mobo...
    XFX offer u longer warranty and sapphire give u better cooler... Your choice. :)
  3. Sapphire's new version? Or the old, also, is Vapor-x any good?
  4. Vapor-X uses a Vapor cooling solution instead of copper.
  5. Is it any better in performance then? Do you know anything about how quite it is, or how it compares to ati's base model?
  6. I too am interested in which is the best 5770 to buy. I want to overclock the memory at least. Seems to get good results in the recent overclocking test.
  7. Yeah, I'll probably give it a go at overclocking the memory. I like XFX's model, you get quite a few extras with it, it looks awesome, and the warranty is a plus.
  8. Vapor cooling is better & lighter than a copper block, if overclocking, you should probably get the Vapor-X, it gives you a good 5-10 degree less over ambient than the reference cooler.
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