Fermi vs GTX 285 vs GTX 260 core 216 vs GTX 275

i currently have a 9800 gtx + ssc edition from evga

~250 budget but i can wait for price to fall

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  1. Any reason you are restricting it to nVidia cards?

    GTX285 isnt worth it, its only slightly faster than the GTX275 for quite a bit more, i would expect a price drop on any of the nVidia cards for a little while, but the 5850 might drop down into that price range when Fermi comes out but Fermi certainly wont have an offering in that price range for several months.
  2. oh i have a 680i sli mobo
  3. So grab another 9800GTX card? You might even be able to SLI it with a GTS250, its the same chip. GTX260/275 is your best bet, or a 4890. Not sure the 5770 is enough of a boost to make it worth while. I'm actually not sure any of these are. What resolution are you playing at?
  4. id agree with 47.

    adding another 9800 would be a fair performance boost, but simply upgrading to one of those cards wouldnt be much.

    either grab another for sli, or save some more for a 5850.
  5. Yeah like 60 dollars more and get the 5850... I want to get one soon 314.00 deal
  6. Nvidia prices are currently really bad. I bought a 285 when they were $320 almost 8 months ago now they are going for $360 or more and they're no longer the fastest single gpu.

    Only reason for them to keep their prices up is if their supply is ridiculously limited or if they are taking a loss on each sale. ATI makes much more sense right now.
  7. Many of the GTX cards have been EOL'd. I think the only ones Nvidia is still making are the GTX260 and 275. I might be wrong about those as well.
  8. To be honest, I have to agree that buying a GTS 250 to SLI with your 9800 GTX+ would be your best path right now. The performance increase with a GTX 200 series card would be noticeable but it's not really gonna wow ya. As far as Fermi, those cards wont be out until March & they are gonna be expensive. In order to see an improvement over what you already have, you're not going to be able to get one of the cheaper cards that come out. At the very least, you're going to have to buy an upper mid range card to see any real improvement & since they are going to be new, they will cost quite a bit.
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