Sparks? from psu or static electricity

So i was building my computer, I forgot to unplug the power supply and when i was getting ready to install my mobo, the psu/psu wire/antec 300 backpanel caused a huge spark. That spark was extremely quick and i thought i fried the psu. When I turn on the psu, the psu powered on fine and the system, 4 hours later, it completely done and everything is fine. This moment really scared me. First time I used a ocz z-series 550watt or any ocz psu for that fact, I thought i was screwed but I guess I was really lucky or psu's awesome
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  1. as long as everythign wroks
  2. you are going to have a hard time frying a PSU, the capacitors can absorb quite a bit of charge so you will have a hard time killing it with static. Had you installed the motherboard yet when you got this spark or was the motherboard not in the case yet? If the PSU was the only thing in the case and you dont smell any weird smell then dont worry about it, if the motherboard was in the case it may have been damaged which would be hard to tell, but if you damaged the PSU you would likely be able to smell it clearly.
  3. As long as the PSU is plugged in and the power switch in back is turned on, even with the case switch off, parts of the PSU are live and producing power.
  4. good thing is that you had a quality psu, and not crappy rocket fish????psu...
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