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I7-2600k Overclock Too HOT! Help with Thermal Paste

Hey all,

So here is my issue. Basically I suck at thermal paste and Heatsink application to my CPU. I just bought the Core i7 2600k to overclock it to between 4.4 and 4.7Ghz on air. I have a CM Hyper 212+ CPU cooler and have been using brush on Zalman ZM-STG1 thermal paste (ran out of A5 Silver). My first try to overclock resulted in Prime 95 temps of around 65 degrees at 4.5Ghz with vcore at 1.33. That is honestly not a bad temp, but reading around on forums I saw people getting temps in the 50s and 40s using my same cooler and setup. So like an unsatisfied little monkey, I thought that if I reseated the CPU cooler and reapplied my thermal paste I should be able to drop the temps. After 5 attempts at trying to lower the temps all I have done is made it so my temps hit the 80s during prime 95! It doesnt matter if I set the processor at 4.0 or 4.6 Ghz I am hitting 80s.

What I want to know, is how you guys get your overclocks down to such low temperatures or how can I get my temperatures back into the 60s! I want to know how everyone applies their thermal paste and how they go about setting their CPU cooler.

How much is too much thermal paste? Are you supposed to apply so much that you can no longer see the metal on the CPU (even with a thin layer)? Do you apply a single line and let it spread via the CPU cooler? Do you apply multiple lines (like the bottom of stock intel coolers)? IS the rule still a pea sized die amount? Is it better to credit card spread or just let it spread on it own? How do you get your cooler on the CPU with minimal movement so you aren't creating bubbles and bare spots? Do you put the themral paste on the bottom of your cooler or on the CPU? I want to know how everyone does it so I can do it to!

Thanks to all that reply.
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  1. i just put a dot in the middle and let it spread on its own. This will give an even spread all around and avoid any air pockets.
  2. Well, that Zalman is not the best one.

    65 was good temp.

  3. Whats the ambient temp in the room?

    For the 2600K, thin line is the best.
  4. That straight line is just fine for 2600K, because that is a photo of the chip under.

    QP3 is the 3600K.

    I use the Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+ and coffee filters.
  5. For the reference.

    I have the 2600K and with Frio cooler and AS5 compound I have up to 65 degrees

    when encoding in Handbrake OC'd @ 4.7GHz.
  6. Thank you for the reply guys.

    In regards to one thin line, the Oval shape that one line makes seems like it would be good for a stock intel cooler that has a round metal base to it. The Hyper 212+ that I have has a rectangular base. Should I add a second or third line?

    Ambient temp in my room is very cool as I live near the beach, so my house hardly ever gets hot.

    I always use 70% isopropyl alcohol before applying my thermal paste.

    When applying your cooler, do you guys apply it top down or do you tilt and then drop it as if you applied a screen cover to a phone?
  7. Also, do you have you cooler blowing out the back of the case or toward the top? I have exhaust fans in the back and top of my case
  8. U can use 2 of them.
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  11. Just an update on my situation. So I bought myself a new tube of AS5 and used the line method Nikkor suggested and I am running at 4.4Ghz at 65 degress during Prime95. Thank you to all of you that submitted a reply
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  13. Good luck!
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