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I meant to ask this before, but I want this computer as cool as possible, and as QUIET as possible. Any recommendations as far as fans, changes, and how to get a quieter, cooler system are welcome. Please refer links to, as I want to get everything from there at once, just to save time and such.Also, feel free to modify the system, or give recommendations.

My cap is 1500

but I want it to be as low priced as possible, with the best performance.
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  1. Visit this website:
  2. Alright, thanks, but for the sake of not making another topic. I decided to get realistic with the price.

    If you guys wouldn't mind, let's put this PC to the chopping block and bring the price down to under 1000. Cut the 400 dollar graphics card, cut the PSU, but a lot of things. Keep the motherboard, keep the case. I still want it to be a gaming PC, but try to get it around 700 or less. Any reccomendations welcome. Again, try to keep it as high powered as possible, at the lowest cost possible.

    Dang my job for not hiring me fulltime until like, 6 months from now. >.<

    As a side note, leave it able to use the current pieces and take into thought that I will eventually upgrade to my current list. So, I think all I need truly kept is the motherboard. PSU can be replaced later as well.
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