Win7 Fresh Install Asus DRW-24B1ST/BLK/B/AS drive will not burn disc.

Hello everyone. Can someone please be kind enough to help me out with this. I got this drive from Newegg. I can't seem to find the drivers needed for this. Here is the link to the product. I have Windows 7 64bit. This is also a fresh install. Windows recognizes the drive, however when i want to burn something. I does not work.

A link would be much appreciated to the drivers. I did go to the Asus site but i can't seem to find them. One thing i notice is that the drive is compatible with older O.S. Vista would be the latest. Does that mean 7 is not compatible??
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  1. Windows installs the drivers when the computer boots up.
  2. What are you rying to burn and what type of media are you using?
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