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to 5750 user, what is the highest clock do u get? lets share.
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  1. I been messing with the overdrive and have been getting gray screens and lockups. I had max overclock settings and all high quality in the others. It didnt work for me. So I left the other settings default and followed this guide:

    and its working great now. I havent tried to overclock it more. There seems to be an issue with these ATI cards alot of people have been getting gray screens:,9529.html Im running W7 64 bit as well.
  2. That gray screen i think you are talking about if you check with ATI when you engage ati overdrive to set the clocks for you it will kick to that gray screen for quite some time while it is testing the new clocks. Hope this helps you, btw you should be able to reach 800 on the core with no problems and 1300 on the memory,but like on the one i had before going to the 5870 840 on the core and 1330 on the memory was easily achieved using MSI Afterburner, which is a much better option for overclocking then ati's overdrive (link) this is based off the rivatuner app and for testing use msi kombuster which is furmark based heat up and stresstester
    hope that helps you some.
  3. Here are my settings:

    overclocked GPU 830 MHz, Memory 1335 MHz

    That was the highest I could go with any artifacts showing up with the stock cooler on the card. Although, if you click on my CPU-Z pic below in my sig, you'll see it states my GPU is set at 300 even though in CCC, it's set to 830. Weird!
  4. i got 750 mhz core clock and 1350 for memory clock on metro 2033. it is a great game. on default graphic clock, it was lagging for a certain place, then i overclocked it using ati control panel to the above setting.if i go to 760mhz for core clock, it will appear gray screen and hang. as well as for memory clock. but for PES 2010, i can go up to 800 mhz and 1360mhz without problem. i think there are certain clocks for certain games. its not same. we have to try different clock for difference game.
  5. I got mine to 850/1350 with complete stability (stock fan) hovering around 89C.
  6. You call 89C stable lol? You kidding me?
  7. Since at stock clocks, fan 50%, it runs at 85C, without any crashes or artifacting, yes, I do call that stable.
  8. LOL mate my GTX 285 runs cooler then that! its never been 85C on full load yet!and thats saying alot!

    I hope the card lasts for you, i thought they ran at 35C idle :\
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