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Hard drive problems formatting

I have a hard drive that i am trying to determine if it is usable or not.
if at all possible i would really prefer to get this drive working as a comparable drive in this market is very expensive.

at first i was having difficulty formatting it and was getting and error.
i did manage to get it formatted using a quick format first and a long format after that and there were no errors.
after that i did a windows scan for errors including bad sectors and it did not find any.

i am using hd tune and it is giving me two warnings on this drive.

spin retry count 100 100 97 1 warning
ultra dma crc error count
200 200 0 535 warning

the columns are in order

the drive is a seagate baracuda 7200.11 500gb
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    So are you having actual problems with it now that it's formatted, or are you just concerned about the warnings?
  2. concerned about the warnings and also the fact that it would not format in the first place. i am running a virtual machine on it to test it out and its running fine.
  3. anyone have any info on these two warnings?
  4. how can i format my flash drive
  5. right click on it and choose format
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