Memory problem or case? Asus

I just got a new Asus motherboard, memory and CPU to replace my old computer and have installed it into my old case but when I plug both RAM in, the memory test doesn't seem to run.
When I plug 1 RAM in the memory test runs, but just endlessly - does it have to be left a while?
I can't get any display up on the monitor although I was worried about frying the GPU so I removed that ti run the memtest.

Kingston 1600 2x2Gb DDR3

Is there any chance it could be a problem with the case as one of the green lights on the case doesn't come on but I'm thinking this is just either the LED or something linked to the battery.

Any things I can try other than swapping the RAM and trying each RAM unti individually?
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  1. Welcome Newcomer.

    Does your BIOS recognize both RAM modules?

    As for memory testing, MemTest86+ 4.1 is the most current version of the greatest known memory tester out there. To thoroughly test your RAM, install both modules, and then run the test. If you get errors, shut down and test modules individually. Tests should run for at least 8-10 hours to ensure quality testing, but let it finish if you can afford the time.

    To run the test, download the .iso file and burn the disc image to cd. Note: if you don't know how to burn a bootable disc image (it's not the same as burning a back up disc), consider using the USB version.

    Your other concern, the no display issue... There could be something wrong with your RAM, but, let's not forget that there are various other reasons, too. Follow the link in my signature to go through the troubleshooting guide. Make sure you go through the entire list; don't skip anything unless absolutely not applicable to you. My advice... take notes as you go through the list to document your observations; it'll prove worthwhile in the end.

    Good luck.
  2. Thanks - I'll go through the guide.
    However, I can't see the BIOD screen as nothing comes up on the monitor.
    Is it possible it could be the case? That's the last thing I'd expect as everything has power but...
  3. In my experience, the three most common reasons for "no display" is either:

    1. 4/8 - Pin CPU connector isn't plugged in;
    2. RAM is faulty;
    3. A short in the case somewhere

    I'm curious, if you don't have display, how were you testing your RAM?
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