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Core 2 Duo procesors are better than i3 processors or it is vice versa?
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  1. Which models are you considering? also deskop or laptop CPUs ?
    Overall i3 CPUs perform better and have less power consumption
  2. Here is a comparison of an E8600 vs i5 661. The i5 661 wins in most areas. I would go with the newer LGA 1156 for your build.
  3. Well the OP is asking about C2D vs i3 so the comparison should be done between E8600 and an i3 530
  4. E8600 vs i3 530... It is pretty even between the two in the amount of benchmark wins. I give the E8600 the lead in Gaming but with the higher clockspeed, it should be expected. To me, it shows the power of the i3 530 and how at 2.9 Ghz it can match the peformance of a 3.3 Ghz CPU. You throw in the cost differnce and the clear winner is the i3 530... IMO
  5. Yup,exactly my thoughts
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