Contest-Best PC you can build for only an exact amount of $700?

Alrighty, no need of spamming this or anything but I wanted to make two threads. Power in a PC is great and everything I always love a high end PC. But in the end, its always about money. These new graphic cards cost like $700 when they're released. 700 BUCKS!!!! Thats a lot and the average guy can't afford that. So I challenge the community. Who can build the most power hungry PC for a mere $700 american dollars. The winner will be judged by me.

The rules are:

All components must be listed with a link to an online buying shop (like amazon) affirming your price and specs.

Can not go over $700 at all!!!! No $700.01.

Shipping price is not included nor is tax

All components required for a PC must be listed or your entry will be considered invalid

The enter, just post a comment with all the info.

The winner will be announced towards the end of the week

This is just for fun, I'm not really building PC for only 700 bucks.

AND NO FLAMING!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you are knowledgeable at computers, you should find this contest a piece of cake.

Good luck :hello:
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  1. What do you consider "All components required for a PC must be listed"?

    Mouse, keyboard, OS, monitor, sound card, speakers? Or just ODD, HDD, case, PSU, CPU, motherboard, GPU, and RAM?
  2. The rest of that stuff can be quite expensive.
  3. ah, you can buy my tesla graphic card, used one for 700dollars....
  4. Nope, just stuff needed to build it and get it working
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