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How can i disable internal keyboard of a laptop. i have winxp on it. I have tried to do it from the device manager but it did not work. There is no disable keyboard option in it. Only uninstall option is present.

Actually internal keys are not working so i'm using a usb keyboard instead.....

Laptop model: sony vaio VGN-FW139E laptop.

Please Advice

Thanks in advance
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  1. leaving it enabled shouldn't cause a problem but in the even that it does you could try to remove the ribbon cable that connects the laptop keyboard to the motherboard.
  2. Are keys damaged, or one day just stopped working?
    Try this:
    Take out the battery from the back, run the laptop only on power cable, to see if keyboard is working.
    Take out the battery from the back, hold power button a few seconds, then try again.

    Can U try taking it out?
    Unscrew the back, take battery out, can U look at the keyboard connection?

    Disable it? Maybe U can do that somehow in the bios (F2, or del at startup) but try what I said above first if it isn't really damaged.


    (EDIT: oups, I'm 5 minutes late again, too many pages opened...)
  3. Thanks for your reply....

    I have removed the battery and tried to test the keys, but even then they are not working.....

    And the problem is it is My Company's Laptop and i am not supposed to open the laptop...

    So can you people suggest me a way to disable the keyboard with software?
    I have tried the BIOS Trick but it is also not working....

    I actually wanted to put an external slim keyboard on the top of my laptop. But what is happening is when i put the external keyboard some keys are getting un-necessarily pressed. So if i have to avoid it i need a way to disable the keyboard...

    Please Advice.... :)
  4. "And the problem is it is My Company's Laptop and i am not supposed to open the laptop.."

    Oh shoot! It's just a keyboard and a cable for crying out loud !!!
    Oh, nevermind...(just ignore me :pt1cable: )

    -Ok, let's see, how about this?

    -Or trying in device manager, even if U uninstall it, I don't think it will take longer then a restart to enable it again.
    Maybe if U rename the file in the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers. It should be named something with kb......but it's tricky not knowing the exact name.

    -Or try Devcon from MS here:
    this is like Device manager , but in dos (know how to use command lines?)

    Disable it like this:
    devcon find *
    devcon disable Hardware ID exact code

    -Or maybe with registry:

    I'll have another look in regedit again later.

  5. Best solution is to remove the keyboard by using a small screwdriver and moving the clips above the number key. Then pry top part of key board up and it will open like a briefcase. Remove screws at bottom of key board . Unhook ribbon cable . Goto type part number listed on keyboard and cross fingers.

    Good luck, This ain't cheap but once done your good and still have job.

    All other way's the company will find out.!!!
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