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ya so i determined that my Athlon II X2 215 OC'd to 3.3 is just not good enough for this game, so im investing in a quad core, looking at the Phenom II x4 925 or the Athlon II x4 630, the 925 is $140, and the 630 is $100, now im looking whether the L3 cache is worth the extra $40 or not, and its kind of hard to find stictly gaming benchmarks for CPU cuz thats all im concerned about, idc about load times and video transcoding stuff, so is the Phenom worth it for strictly gaming?

o and my rig is
Athlon II x2 215 OC'd to 3.3
Sapp 5770 V1 OC'd 960 1400
4GB ddr2-800 gskill
700 stealthxstream PSU

i dont get good FPS at all in BFBC2 ive done every tweak imaginable, and only getting low 40's high 30's on a good fps map @ 1920x1080 with everything off, and ive seen people getting 60's 70's with my card with 4xAA and crap and a quad core so ya, and i preferably want to keep it between these two CPU's, im stretching my budget going with the 925
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    The phenom II will have a slight edge on the Athlon the game benchmarks are at the bottom.
  2. hey man...i think u shud buy the phenom because it is more future proof, u need as much l3 cache as possible in these days.
    But its weird tho, cause i have a dual core rig- AMD Phenom II x2 550 3.1 GHZ......... 4gb ddr2 800 RAM ......and 1 gb 9600gt ddr3 video card and i can max out bc2 with about 45 frames average...WHAT OS DO U HAVE?
  3. From what I have heard is that BC2 laps up the quadcores. I'll run it for a bit and see if i can post some results.

    Well its using my entire CPU, about 100% on the 3rd core and 60-70% on the 2nd and 1st core and about 30-40% on the last core (0). That's pretty CPU intensive.
  4. well maybe cause my cpu has a large bandwidth it runs soo smooth on mines........................try a new patch or crack it help in some circumstances ALOT!! Trust me!!
  5. Yea i have a dual core E8200 and it never goes over 75% load with all settings maxed out. Running at 1680 x1050
  6. And i was saying my Athlon X2 4800+ was too weak xD
  7. Either of those quad cores will work fine.

    Get the PhenomII as its Cache helps in gaming.
    But Athlon II is also good.
    Can't go wrong with either.
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