Crosshair 4 Memory Config?

I want to get 8gb's of memory, and I was wanting to use the fastest memory I can have in all 4 slots.
The memory I was looking at is the Gskill flare 2000 lat 7 or the 1800 lat 7.

I was just going to get 2x4gb's of the flare but that is 400 big ones. So If someone can help me choosing
the faster memory possible, it would help.

I am not sure if the 4dimms can all handle 2000, but according to the memory list, it says 4x2gb's tridents at
2000 lat 9 could be on there, but I was hoping I could do that with the Flare's also?
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  1. I'm pretty sure AMD's memory limitation is based on the CPU. With the Phenom II X4, you can only run two sticks at anything higher than 1333 MHz or so, with the Phenom II X6s, I think they can run at much higher speeds with four modules.
  2. Duh, I forgot to add, that the 1090 is the one I plan on getting, thats why I chose the flares to begin with.
    Yeah gskill says that the flares won't go past 1600 on x4's or something like that.

    I was more of just wanting to spend less, cause if I bought a 2x2gb now, then next month get
    a second pair of them flares I would like that. But I guess it wouldn't kill me to get some crucial tracers or something
    instead if it couldn't handle it.
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