I want to upgrade but I'm not sure how

I am currently using a 9800gt and I would like to upgrade but I can't decide how. Now, I was thinking about getting another 9800gt for SLI but I'm worried about temps and my PSU. I have a 650w PSU I think can handle it but I'm not 100% sure. That said, I will buy another card once nvidia comes out with their 300 series and move one of those 9800gt cards to my spare computer for a media PC and use the other for PhysX. This all said, I was also looking into a dx11 card but I can't afford a 5850 so I was looking into a 5770. So here lies teh questions

I do have an i5 but the board I have supports two way SLI/Xfire at x16/x16 for what its worth. I heard the 2x 9800gt card would be similar to a gfx 275. What would be better ATM, the SLI option or the 5770? Is DirectX11 important RIGHT NOW?

With the SLI option, I'd plan on upgrading one to a gfx 300 series like I stated before using one 9800 in a spare and another for PhysX.
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    2 x 9800GT is going to give you better performance than a Single HD5770. DX11 is as important as the games that are out, 2 at the moment Dirt2 and Battleforge. If you are not playing those titles there is no use for it.
  2. Go with the 2X 9800GT ,when coming to 5770,The only good is the DX11 andtri-Monitor support,and 2x9800 will perform better than a 5770(i think!)
    And there are only very few dx11 games,So go with the SLi
  3. Is there a timeframe as to when we can expect the nvidia dx11 cards to be released?
  4. Fermi is supposed to be out at the end of the first quarter 2010!
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