Laptop Compaq Presario No sound, no device ?

Hi.I need your help urgently, please.
I bought my Laptop Presario Presario 3614 AU almost 3 years ago and few weeks ago the sound in my Compaq disappears suddenly from time to time.
I managed to bring it back few times by restarting the laptop but it doesn't always work. I've also reinstalled the drivers, so it worked again, but no more now after I've turned it off.
When I tried to open volume control, it said that there is no device installed, but in device manager all seems ok. I don't understand why all these troubles. Someone adviced me to install audiopatch by naven. I've done all the steps but still no sound (may be because no device?)
I also tried to install more recent drivers but failed because cannot detect device. True in Systeme Information, no device for sound.
I used XP SP3,
AMD Turion x2
1Gb Ram
I need it for my job. Please help
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  1. Woow, seems that people are very busy at such point they can't help me, even reply.
  2. often times laptop speakers are located in a place where the wire connected to them can easily be dislodged or cut. (I think they do this makes no sense)

    If you're feeling inquisitive, opening up your laptop case and looking around can be a good diagnostic if you have a delicate touch. There are many guides to opening up cases if you google "(your laptops model # here) repair guide" or something along those lines.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes. A small Philips screwdriver and guitar pick should be all the tools you will need.
  3. Go to the sounds and audio devices in the control panel. Look at the audio tab, and make sure you have the correct playback device selected.
  4. hi. Thanks so much for your replies. :)

    Since last time I've downgraded to XP SP2. I've installed all the drivers include the famous MUAA which is needed for sound driver installation. BUT the installation of MUAA with rebooting doesn't make any progress, i.e. the sound and modem devices still not detected. Therefore when I try install to install sound driver I get "Could not find media device for this driver". The MUAA doesn't appear in Systeme device at all.
    Btw Im sure that sound device is ok (not damaged) because when I tried befor with SP3, it appeared and required for driver installation. But unfortunately, I was unable to achieve the installation, even if I did it manually. I got the same message "Could not find media device for this driver". That why I downgraded to SP2, following advices.
    My device is Conexant and it doesn't appear in the device manager
    I also tried to install patch "kb888111xpsp2". But still no changement.
    Please help me to find the solution. As for Compaq they never answered my demand :cry:
  5. Go to the control panel-->sounds and audio devices-->audio tab-->do you have any choices in the drop down box for 'sound playback'? It should look like this.
  6. I have "no sound device", however I'm sure that my device is still here (not damaged) because it appeared sometimes when I was using SP3. Any idea, please?
  7. Try rolling back the driver on your audio device. You can access this by double clicking the device in the device manager.

    If you have the recovery discs, you can back up your data, and do the recovery.

    If you have a recovery partition, you can back up your data, and do the recovery.
  8. Thanks Aford10 for you replies but I think it's not just simple as this. Of course i've already tried to roll back drivers, to update from web etc... but still same problem" my sound device is not detected, or something like that. Do you know how it can be detected? May be something to change in the registry? Please don't give up because personnaly I don't understand so much in computer ;)
  9. It's very likely that your onboard audio died.

    If it were simply a driver issue, there would be a conflict in the device manager.

    You could take it to a local shop to have it repaired, or try an external sound card, something like this.
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