Cant format my desktop ntldr is missing

it only happened today.... i used to format all our computers and it worked fine but noiw that im planning to reformat my core2duo desktop, there's an error message says NTLDR MISSING ....i tried changing my bios set up but everytime the computer starts, it's always the same error that i've recieved....
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  1. I assume U have your data saved. Ok, let's see. Clean install.
    This is so U could format your hard drive first via Recovery console, then try to reinstall Windows.
    Put Win XP cd in.
    Change boot order in bios , so that cd rom is first boot device.
    Press R key, as soon as you see the message "Press R, bla, bla,bla.........."
    Type Install number (usually U just press 1), type password, or just press Enter if U don't have a password.
    Welcome to Recovery console!(cmd) :)

    I don't know if you use cmd, so, here:

    To format, type this command:

    format C:\ /Q
    or, if U want a certain type or drive, U can see all options by typing:

    format /?

    Usually, used are:

    format C:\ FS:FAT32 /Q, or
    format C:\ FS:NTFS /Q

    U can choose any type of compression, and the Q stands for quick format, bla,bla,bla....

    After done, U can check if the drive is empty by using the dir command
    After, restart, and normally reinstall Windows.

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