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Hi. My EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 (626/1350/2106) runs ~ 58-64C when playing Crysis (max settings, 1366 x 768 2x AA) with fan speed of 80. is that normal? what would be an ideal load temp for this card? (im planning on keeping it for a while) lastly, does putting the fan to its highest speed damage the card or decrease its lifespan? thanks
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  1. At 80% i think it's ok, but never set the fan at 100%, it can shortened it's lifespan... :)
    About your temps, that's normal. Just make sure u have a good airflow on your case.
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    64 C under full load is excellent. Either your room is very cold or you've got excellent airflow in your case. My GTX 260 goes to 76 C after 10 minutes of MW2 and with the GPU fan to 80% and with the side panel removed and case fan blowing directly across the GPU!
  3. actually my room temp is really cold since i live up north and leave the windows open (usualy 19-20C)
  4. Then keep it up, your temps are still normal... :)
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