No Video Output on boot-up

Howdy. My computer has no video output at all. u turn it on, all the fans start, the mobo beeps once, everything internally starts as it should.

My system is as follow's:
Intel i7 2.8 ghz socket 1156 (i mention cause i think they come in 2 diff socket types)
ASYS p7p55d PRO motherboard
2 x 2 GB 600 mhz DDR3 Patriot memory
2x 1 TB Seagate 7200 rpm HD (was not set-up on raid)
EVGA GeForce GTX 275
Thermaltake case
1 Blu-Ray
Windows 7 64bit
600 w thermaltake PSU

System worked fine originally. I use it for school, flash, some maya, and gaming. with the odd web surfing. i took the GPU out to help a buddy test his system, running an intel D 3.0, trying to figure out if his GPU was going, it was a first wave GF 8800. he was running XP 32bit.

i touched the psu case the whole time i was taking the GPU out. took it to his place, and did the same as i put it in his case. tested it on his system, and everything was working fine. did the same as i took it outa his system. and the same as i put it back in mine.

now when i hit the power i get no video at all. can't even see the POST or BIOS at all. monitor won't come outa sleep. all my POST lights check out fine, and i ran the on-board memory configurator, and it doesn't display any issues with the memory. i've tried running it one stick at a time, in all 4 slots, and both sticks in both channels. i've taken the GPU out and examined all the ports, and compared it to the diagram in the manual to make sure i didn't miss anything. checked for loose chords that i might have pulled, but all thats there is the extra power hook-ups for HD's and optical drives. all the fans work. from what i can see, it does not look like the hard drives are being accessed, as the light on the front indicating HD activity doesn't blink at all.

i've tried the GPU in other PCI-E slot, and still nothing. reset the CMOS with the jumpers, and pulled the battery.

any insight at all to what the problem may be would be muchly appreciated :) i need my computer for school bad. i'm taking animation courses, and my 1.6 ghz emachines laptop isn't gonna keep up at all...
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  1. Are the 6 pin power cables connected? If you're getting nothing in the other PCI-E slots, maybe the GPU was damaged somehow when testing in your friend's unit. I guess you could put it back in your friend's computer to determine if it's still working.
  2. loss of power
    loss of gpu
    loss of connectors

    these 3 things should be the issue....
  3. It sounds to me like it was damaged during transport. Did you have it in an antistatic bag? The other thing I would look at is to make sure your PSU is providing the proper power still. Also make sure that it is seated properly in the PCIe slot (i know its the obvious but that's where i always start in troubleshooting)

    It is highly unlikely your friends system damaged it. I would guess if it worked in his it will work in yours. If your getting POST then OS boot without any BIOS warning beeps I would be inclined to think the card isn't powering on. If the card was trying the MoBo would let you know something is wrong. If the card isn't trying the system will go on with "business as usual"

    Taking the card back to the friends house would ensure that it is the card. Cards are finicky things when it comes to transport. I have taken my comp to many-a LAN and had my cards freak out because they got jostled around and came loose. But it sounds to me like there is a power delivery issue.

    The glimmer of hope here is that its an EVGA, the have one of the best warranties in the business. not that it helps your immediate problem but at least there's hope you can get it replaced for no cost but shipping.

    Good luck.
  4. :sleep: both te power hook-ups are connected.. havnet tested the current but the hook-ups were fine before. i have a hard time believing that pulling a connector out will fry it, but stranger things have happened. and the fan on the GPU coller still spins, and it take's it's power form the 2x6 pin power connectors.

    i'm starting to agree with the "something happened in his unit" he's running xp 32x. big question is what is the difference on the drivers from xp 32 and 7 64? i know that 64 bit technology is different enough is should call for a difference in the drivers. he was running a GF 8800 before, and said the drivers were the same, but on boot-up xp said configuring card. shouldn't change any settings on the card, would it?

    his system was stuttering before, and thats why we tested the GPU. any possibility another fault in his system could have shorted the card?
  5. Drivers will have nothing to do with it. The drivers only work between the OS and talking to the card. Unless you are O.C.'d the OS does not control the card. All a driver does is make sure the OS can send and receive info to and from the card, across the north bridge for processing. GPU's are like a small computer them selves they have their own clock, processor, ram, firmware (O.S.) and chipsets. They control them selves.

    The fact that you went between Win 7 x64 to Win XP x86 will have nothing to do with it. You are facing a physical failure not a firmware/driver failure. If you popped it in and it POSTed and booted properly then started having issues I would say a GPU firmware update would be in order. But due to the fact that you have nothing, it is a failure of power or the GPU it's self.

    As I had asked before, did you antistatic bag it for transport? Was it jarred or dropped in anyway?
  6. sry i added that post and never noticed you had posted Klaxon.

    i never used an official "anti-static" bag, but it wasn't plastic. i used a high quality paper gift bag, just big enough for the card to fit so not much vibration should have happened to produce static. although that could be an issue.

    it didn't get dropped or jarred at all. i put the card in his system, partly because i don't like other people touching my equipment, and partly because my buddy i was lending to for testing doesn't have the slightest clue what's going on with a computer beyond vocab.

    when i boot up i hear it beep once, my mobo LED's turn on for a second to show they are working, then turn off. the MemOK system built into the mobo doesn't detect any problems with the ram, and i even pressed the configure button and let the system run the ram config a couple times to be safe. I hear the Mobo beep a two-tone beep once (higher beep, followed by a quick lower one), then no sounds. all the fans spin, including the GPU cooler, which pulls it's power from the same power connectors as the GPU.

    i re-seated the GPU a few times to no avail. moved the jumper for the CMOS reset to reset, and back to default again. a few times. tried removing the mobo battery and that did nothing. tried booting it up without the GPU installed, and the system does the same boot-up as it does with it installed.

    my drivers are up-to-date, so unless there was some corruption on them they should be fine, and i can't see corruption being an issue because the proc and mobo are both brand new, and there is no fragmentation on my hard-drives at all. ran an Avast antivirus just the other day, and had a couple viruses i had to remove, and the computer booted up fine after that was done. after installed the GPU again, i still get no video feed at all, it sounds like it's going through post, but nothing on the computer seems to hint that it's trying to load the OS. and i've been through the manual so many times i could probably recite the fine print on the warranty for the mobo and GPU off the top of my head. on another note i forgot to mention, my USB ports seem to not put any power out either. hooked up my mouse and keyboard, and my wacom tablet, with no sign of power at all. my knowledge of the USB relation to the entire computer is relatively low, so any information, even irrelevent stuff, would be more than appreciated.

    Firmware on the card should be current, if not only a version behind on the GPU BIOS. it's not even 3 months old yet... but i'm not ruling it out. as well, i know my buddies system has some hardware issues somewhere, but he refuses to run any diagnostic tools at all to figure out what could be, so i'm not going to rule out the idea that maybe his GPU is fine, and something else in his system is messed and stressed my GPU, causing a failure of somekind. as strange and unlikely as it sounds, i've seen it happen in Automotive computer system, different set-up but it's based off the same tech.

    thanks for the input so-far. relavent or not, it increases my general knowledge of computer systems, which is a gift all in itself.

    i'll see what i can figure out tonight and post any updates i got.
  7. Any luck on your trouble shooting last night?
  8. yeah... turned out i had a blown plug... that was on the other side of the motherboard, and never even came close to contact with anything.... :s strange, but stranger things have happened.

    thanks for everyones help :) may not have helped me, but i'm a little bit smarter than i was before :D
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