Radeon 9550 Dell Dimension 4500 issue help please

Hi all,

Recived this old dimension 4500 from a friend after my old emachine crapped the bed on me. and i had to use my old ati 9550 from the old machine, as well as my old ram and ide cables ><.

im having an issue with the video card , i get this lag whenever i drag a window anywhere, or when i am using downscoll on the mouse etc.

i had a similar issue with my old e machine, i fixed this by installing the nvidia onboard drivers first, then the ati ones, and it worked perfectly, this machine is having the exact same issues, except near as i can tell, there IS no onboard video on this. ill post back when i check the bios to see if thats the issue....

any ideas?
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  1. well, the primary display adapter is set to agp on the bios screen, im sort of at a loss at this point, no idea how to fix this issue, and it is pretty annoying, im not going to be gaming on this old dinosaur however it is still an annoying issue,

    any thoughts would be appreciated

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