Sleep mode works OK - but Hibernate wakes up the PC???

I have been trying to fix this for weeks.
Every day or night at random intervals I find my laptop at almost 100 degrees C with fans going crazy lid still closed.

Each night i close the lid putting it into sleep mode.
Some nights it sleeps all night and i come home from work next day it is on, sometimes it is on in the morning.

I have made sure WAKE on LAN is disabled in BIOS & any service that can wake the computer that I have found is disabled.

I have checked the power schemes which all look normal & also reset to factory defaults.

I have tried powercfg - lastwake which shows nothing.

I have checked scheduled tasks which none of them are able to wake computer.

I have made sure everything Windows 7 Ultimate OS is up to date and all drivers & bios are up to date.

I suppose I could properly shut down the computer but I'd rather just be able to close the lid

Please help!



Actually I just found the problem after many days of trying
- which is totally weird.

Sleep mode works fine.

But when it goes into Hibernate after the set amount of time it actually wakes up the computer instead, but not the display????????????

I confirmed this by making Hibernate start in 2 minutes after sleep. and wala! it woke up!

Confirmed again by just puting in Hibernate mode and the display turns off but the HDD & fans are still awake. :pfff:

Any one have any thoughts on how to fix this??????
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  1. If you don't mind turning hibernate off you can go that route.

    Hit the windows 7 start icon.
    - Type sleep
    - Hit enter
    - Choose "Change advanced power settings"
    - Double click on "Sleep"
    - Double click on "Hibernate after"
    - Set to zer0

    Apply changes and run some test to see if your problem continues.
  2. yeah I did fix it this way.
    but still - anyone got any ideas why it would wake instead of hibernating?? :o
  3. anyone??????
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