Help! BSoD Stop code 0x0000007E??? RAM??

Hello Tom's Hardware. I need some help finding the source of a problem that has been continually resetting my computer for quite some time now. I have an old HP that is somewhat of a hobby to work on now more than an actual computer, but I'd like to get it running well enough in order to run Starcraft 2 on. I had discovered what I thought to be an overheating problem with the cpu (cpu would get up to 90+ playing sc2 for several minutes) and added a new cpu heatsink and Asus mobo to help cool the system better. I kept the original processor (AMD x2 4800+) in-tact as it has always been sufficient.

After replacing the parts, the computer seemed to be running better (idling low 20s, running mid 30s, etc...). Games of Starcraft were lasting longer on it until it started resetting randomly. Before replacing the parts it would simply kill the power as it approached thermal threshold, however now it is as if someone rebooted the computer. I am sure that the gpu and the psu are adequate, and as I said the CPU has never given me problems before, there are only a couple things that I have left to consider:

1.) the pirated Win7 OS (yes I know I need to get a real version, it's a temporary solution given to me for free by a friend)
2.) the RAM is faulty

I need some help decyphering the stop code so that I can better attack the problem. PLEASE HELP! It has cost me tons of time, money, and now we don't even have an extra computer for Starcraft "LANs". Any and all advice is appreciated, see below for system specs!!!

M4A785M ASUS Mobo
2 GB DDR2 (not sure of clock speeds... It was originally an HP build )
HD 4850
300 GB HDD
AMD x2 4800+


STOP 0x0000007E, (0xC0000005, 0x8AF13C18, 0x8AF1378)

... I believe that this is correct, I wrote it down as fast as I could, the parentheses may not be in the exact location or something, please let me know if ANY more information is needed.

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  1. Hello
    Download and install "Prime95" and an app for monitoring CPU temp(like HWmonitor,speed fan...)
    Then open Prime95 and run a blend test(a mix of everything),let it run for about 2 hours and check your CPU's temp and also check if it reboots or not
  2. I already have Coretemp, do you think Prime95 would be safe for that computer? I mean the cpu heatsink is new... But I was under the impression you need an INCREDIBLE one or something.. Are you referring to running a stress test?
  3. Since its hard to check the temp while you are gaming(because you get a BSOD),so try running Prime95 for some hours in order to check whether you will get a BSOD when your CPU is running at full load or not.(remember to check your temps too)
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