Overclocking core 2 duo 4400 2.00ghz cpu

i want to overclock my core 2 duo 4400 cpu from 2ghz to maybe 2.6 ghz(not sure) so that me and my brother can playthe upcoming borderlands 2 together,i have another computer with core i5,but i cannot afford to upgrade my old computer (i will have to get a new motherboard if i want to upgrade my cpu) :cry:
old comp specs:
core 2 duo 4400 2.00ghz
3 gb ram
nvidia 9800gt 1gb card
asus P5LP-LE (motherboard)

minimum requirements for borderlands 2 is a dual core 2.4 GHz cpu.

i know how to overclock,but i'm not sure how much i can overclock.
can i push it to 2.6 GHz?
i dont want to increase the voltage unless its necessary
and i'm using an aftermarket coller "Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo"

how much can i overclock it?

p.s GPU is not overclocked(and i dont intend to
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    I googled the motherboard and it came back with HP written all over this pc an HP pc that you bought or did you build it yourself...if its HP then most likely the BIOS is locked and you wont be able to OC your cpu...but if its a home built system you can oc your cpu by raisng the fsb speed. pretty much leave everything else on auto except your vcore you dont want the mobo raising that is another thread where a guy oc'ed this cpu to give you an idea of what vcore to use
  2. it is a HP pc. around 6 years old...i have upgraded the GPU and RAM.
    so does that mean i cannot overclock it through bios? :??:

    any way to unlock it?
  3. yea unfortunatly that means that there is no way to OC your cpu at are SOL....there is no way to unlock the BIOS unless you flash a custom BIOS onto the board which is really a terrible idea bc it can render your pc useless (most likely will) and thats if you even find a custom BIOS...
  4. that blows!
    i guess i'll have to play it on ps3 now.
    thanks for the help
  5. no problem man sorry I could only give you bad news....why do you need to oc your cpu to play the game (min requirements) if so you could get by with the cpu at stock give it a shot and see how it goes first before you give up on playing on that system
  6. i've only checked it on 'can i run it'
    where it showed that the min req was 2.4 ghz.since i'm preordering the game,i wanted to make sure the game ran on that comp.
  7. yea man take those ratings with a grain of could have a 1.7ghz i7 mobile chip that would run it just fine but bc its under 2.4ghz it says you cant run it...I would purchase the game for your other pc and install it on both and see how it runs on this one...if its decent you can pick up another copy so your bro can play it....dont get your hopes down yet I think you would be able to play it just fine on this pc
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