Worst Newegg Combos Ever

I just had to LOL when I saw this newegg combo!


An Athlon II bundled with a LGA1156 motherboard, are you serious Newegg :lol:

Even better, nearly every combo for that motherboard includes an AMD CPU :o


Way to fail at life Newegg :na:
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  1. LOL, I'll take the PII 965 cuz it's the best amd cpu and then wonder how to fit it in. When it doesn't fit, I'lll call biostar and biostar will blame it on me. I'll say I got it from newegg's combo and they might laugh if they know newegg
  2. Call them up and ask if there's a socket adapter that goes along with it.
  3. That's pretty bad ...
  4. Except that Newegg never claims that their combos are compatible. The combos are just whatever they've got a lot of laying around.

    Also keep in mind that Newegg doesn't just sell to individuals. If you run a computer build or parts supply business, you don't have to worry as much about each combo being compatible, as long as you can use it.
  5. they are not compatible with each other man
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