A disk read error occurred

can anyone please help me with the problem,when I swich on my PC on the black window i see: a disk read error occured,press ctrl+alt+del to restart, when i press it,nothing happened,just a BIOS,what i shall do???
in PC understand very few,maybe someone can advice something,and write by steps.
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  1. Do you have information you need to recover from your computer? You might have to reinstall your operating system (Windows)
  2. Open the computer tower and look for an unplugged hard drive cable.

    If it doesn´t work and you have an "Award bios" (Asus...), enter bios and verify that your hard drive is in the "main menu". If the answer is yes, go to "boot menu" and verify that the settings (boot device priority, hard disk drives) are correct.
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